Jeff + Dana | Snow Canyon Elopement

What can I even say about Jeff and Dana? Easily the most adventurous couple probably ever, with the most contagious smiles and laughs probably ever, also. From our first interaction I knew these two had a seriously special connection, and that they were exactly the type of couple I've set out to work with since day one. They understood inherently the message I broadcast to anyone who will listen, about how weddings needn't be anything more than what you want them to be. They loved the idea of something low key, but very much true to them. Nothing fancy, just love.

These guys have getting married down to a science, nay, an art. Spending the morning together, eating waffles, chilling pool side maybe a little *too* long (her words not mine), grabbing flowers at the grocery store, meeting your friends and a photographer at the trailhead, and doin' the thing. Having fun was clearly such an important part of their relationship, and they let that shine through on their wedding day as well. I cannot express how perfect it truly was, from the lighthearted ceremony, through the reading of their vows, and ice cream and burgers to finish it off. There were tears, there were belly laughs, there was dancing, there were some crickets trapped in tulle, there was love.

enjoy xo

My favorite part about elopements is the space. Not only the grandness of a canyon backdrop, but how you have room to speak as loudly or as softly as you need to. Sometimes I hear every word they say and see every tear, but sometimes I am yards away shooting with only vibes and body language as my guide. These are some of my favorite moments that occur all day; unscripted.

Wanna elope? Take me with you!



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