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Why I'm giving up weddings.

Weddings. Weddings weddings weddings.

Being “inside” this industry and seeing how different people celebrate their love almost on the daily, being bombarded with “trends” and “do’s and don’ts” from all sides, and seeing the overwhelming weight put on the shoulders of lovers has really made me think, and I’ve officially decided the wedding industry isn’t for me.

<enter #weddingsinweirdplaces>

Clickbait, amirite?

This dumb little hashtag, that was thoughtlessly born moments before posting my first photo of a couple getting married in an antique store, is baaasically my middle name at this point. Over the past few months, it’s been the source of so much happiness, frustration, discouragement, inspiration, and courage. It’s true, I am leaving the wedding industry - but I’m breaking into something that feels so much better.

I photograph marriage. The unifying of two beautifully perfect people, both choosing to commit their entire world to the other. All in, to the core, 500%. I’m talking soul mates who see the cosmos in their lover’s eyes and hear sonnets when they speak. Communicators. I’m not at all saying that any tradition, or a schedule, or a huge budget, or anything else for that matter, can separate that truth from a couple. I truly believe you can have both, and there’s totally a photographer out there that will LOVE working with you to make your wedding a dream come true and that will kick ass at it!

But it ain’t me, babe.

I know your wedding will be beautiful, just like you planned it, but it’s not my place. I gravitate toward simplicity, vulnerability, and weird-ness every time. Love, on the rocks, for sure. My place, I feel, is to start conversations for people who have dreams for their wedding day that might be met with disappointment from those closest to them, to be a judgement free zone and answer the questions of those pursuing the scenic route and throwing tradition to the wind. Ultimately, my purpose in all this is to foster an environment where people can be instinctual lovers. Where they can take cues from their hearts, rather than their parents or Pinterest boards or whatever pressures they feel. You know exactly what you want to do and you just don’t see yourself in the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings? Don’t know where to start, but know where you want to end up? Want a totally awesome adventure and get married along the way?? I’m your gal.

But alas, it isn’t all barefoot sandals and glitter. Another truth about what I do? I don’t do it often. These types of connections I’m describing are rare, and are often overwritten by fear of missing out on the glamorous perks that come along with planning a wedding for hundreds of people to attend. Furthermore, the odds of me crossing paths with one during the fleeting wedding-planning phase of their relationship? Even more rare (or maybe just a testament to my crap marketing skills?). But it’s ok. It’ll take my chances. I do this because I want that one chance to photograph your love from 15 yards away and be witness to tears of emotional surrender without ever hearing the words. That one chance that I’m what somebody’s looking for, and they feel comfortable with their choices knowing there’s another weirdo out there, too.


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