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Intimate Boho Vow Renewal: the words

Pt. 2 of a much deserved lengthy post. View Pt. 1, the morning of, here.

The second half of Taylor & Kollins intimate vow renewal day started by taking a few photos around the grounds of the hot springs before making the short climb to the spot they liked best to share their words.

HOW about these flowers?? Melissa Haupt is a god.

The sun set so quickly from the moment they stepped outside the bus up until they shared their vows and wrecked the dress <3

The resident dogs were super interested in what was going on and followed us around for a bit, too!

When it felt right, they walked up the hill together to a fitting alter. This ceremony was so special to witness, even though I didn't hear a single word they said. They spoke quietly between each other, unprompted and unscripted. I watched and shot from a distance as they held hands, smiled, and wiped away happy tears.


The pace of it all was so natural; nobody told them when to start, or when it was over. It was all straight from the heart and candid. I want this for every single one of my couples.

That renewal glow <3

This next part was a literal dream come true, for me at least. I had envisioned this part of their day over and over again, and hoped so bad it would be as special as I wanted it to be for them. We found our way to a private, empty hot spring tub, and in true anti-tradition fashion, they got in together to really seal the deal. I love the idea of "wrecking" your wedding clothes (minus Kollins corduroys - those were too nice to ruin) - the only tie you have to the formality of your wedding day, if any, is removed and you are free to start really enjoying your new commitment without distractions or superficial traditions holding you back.

Taylor & Kollin renewed their vows in the presence of everyone who mattered (plus me and Kandice), and were kind enough to cater their love just a little to be a part of another #weddingsinweirdplaces installment. When I (accidentally) started this little thing, I never imagined I'd be brought into contact with such amazing people and amazing loves. Compelling, cosmic loves. These aren't styled shoots. These are conversations, usually started by me talking about a weird idea I have, that turn into gifts of memories for people who want, and loves that deserve, something different and real.

I had the absolute pleasure to not only work with the most in love and humble couple I've ever met, but also collaborate with two of the most pure creative minds in Utah and probably the galaxy. Kandice Breinholt, the master, was so gentle with my weird ideas and took them even further than I could have on my own. Melissa Haupt, the saint, is a muse and a literal wizard. Her flower arrangement, the only thing besides a dress that we chose to keep as far as tradition goes, and even with the flower crown for Kollin (!) blew all my expectations out of the water and up into space where they latched onto a shooting star and came back to earth in a fiery ball of pure beauty. I can't say enough about these two ladies, besides hire them. You won't regret it.

I'm so, so happy with where I am and where #weddingsinweirdplaces has taken me. I never want to do anything less than this. I want to hear your #weirdideas. Let's chat <3

Dress :: F21

Flowers :: Mel Haupt Floral (@melhauptfloral)

Couple :: Taylor + Kollin Van Why

Photos :: Haley Hoover Photography


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