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Intimate Boho Vow Renewal : the morning of

I have so many thoughts but so few words. This shoot, though only one of two, has changed the course of #weddingsinweirdplaces in the best way possible. In the beginning my intentions were very generic, but ultimately my thought process - and really, my heart - wouldn't let me walk away from the idea of making this shoot different. Making it real. After many long, late night, conversations with the muse and creative genius Kandice Breinholt, who I had the pleasure of bringing along with me on this journey, this *weird wedding* turned into something else entirely. We couldn't settle for pretty blooms and perfect poses, and we weren't concerned about what magazine or blog might pick the photos up, or if we lost every single follower we had for doing it. We were now doing this for our couple, and for love, and to open the conversation for lovers who want something different.

I could not have imagined a more perfect couple to have this experience with than Taylor & Kollin. These two hold a special place in my heart for their willingness to be vulnerable, and for lending me their love story for this post. Their connection was obvious, and so, so strong. I'm grateful beyond expression to have been an accessory to their vow renewal day, and I hope to shoot a million more just like it.

Taylor & Kollin spent the morning of their vow renewal together in a converted school bus, cuddling, braiding hair, spinning records, and really setting the tone for the rest of their day. Nothing has ever felt more right, or more natural to photograph. enjoy.

Kollin proposed to Taylor while this very special White Stripes LP was playing. Couldn't help but feel blown away by their love as they relived that awesome moment and danced.

After sharing a dance and some words of adornment, getting ready together was the natural next part of their day. There were no nerves, or insecurities; only love and incandescent bliss as they dressed up for one another <3

Flowers for him, turquoise for her. No traditions except the ones you make yourself.

Their relationship is the sweetest. I love the way Kollin looked at Taylor all day, like she was literally the sun and the stars combined. Him buttoning up her dress, a detail I didn't even know happened until looking over the photos, almost brought me to tears. Selfless love is what I'm about.

Check back soon for the vow renewal ceremony blog post <3

Dress :: F21

Flowers :: Mel Haupt Floral (@melhauptfloral)

Couple :: Taylor + Kollin Van Why

Photos :: Haley Hoover Photography


#Elopement #vowrenewal #hippiewedding #bohobride #bohemian #intimatewedding #elope

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