Antique Mall Elopement | Styled Shoot

This. Shoot.

I fell into #weddingsinweirdplaces not by accident, but practically by default, because my mind is always dreaming of them. Like, I think about weddings ALL THE TIME. Every time I wander into an unconventional space with even a sliver of natural lighting (or not), my thoughts immediately turn to white gowns, and flower crowns, and how a toast from a loved one might echo through the space if ever there was a wedding there. I think to myself "this would be the raddest place for a lil wedding" when I walk across bridges, drive past an abandoned building, or even just noticing good acoustics in a room. I have always just brushed these spirals of imagination off as fantasy and left-field ideas no one would ever go for.

I tell you my friends, that ends right meow.

One day I decided "No way, there are TOTALLY rad couples out there who wwant to do this type of stuff. Maybe they just don't know how to take the first step? Maybe they just need a loco photographer who's willing to blaze the trail for the freakiness. omg that's me." And that same day, I started planning this shoot. I reached out to Capital City Antique Mall (check this place out, btw.), pulled a favor from some old friends, and orchestrated the most complicated edeavour of my whole entire life it seems. haha. But really, you learn something new every day, and I learned A LOT the day of this shoot. But I also met some wonderful new artists, and got to work with some of my favorite familiar faces. The ladies (and Nick!) I had the pleasure of collaborating with on this shoot were AMAZING. They went with my weird idea, and I am in love with the spitfire collection of photos I came away with. Check 'em out, and tell me what you think <3

This Janay Marie gown, not unlike her other gowns, had me so in love all day. I'm not so secretly a 70's flower child wannabe, and this spoke right to my lil sunflower heart. Plus Janay is the raddest gal on the PLANET.

Is Nick even real? I still don' know. They're a real life couple, too! <3

Katie's flawless hair and makeup by my childhood friends turned aestheticians/wizards complimented everything so well. I always enjoy working with McKenzie and Jordyn and can't believe their talent <3

We may or may not have saved the real kissing til the end for the sake of her beautiful lipstick. Or they may have sneaked a few. Who knows.

IVORY AND BLUSH AFTER MY OWN HEART. I love love love headpieces and I will be the first to encourage you to think about this accessory for your wedding. So timeless!

Rebecca of The Magnolia Flower Co. hit the nail on the head with this bouquet. I love the wild-ness of the whole thing, and the textures she achieved by using so many different greens still blows my mind. Also, she's a rock star of a lady and an artist.

The photos of these sparkly morsels don't even begin to do Erin's work justice. Partly because you can't taste them, and also because we got caught in a time crunch, but take my word on this one; GLITTER MACARONS ARE THE FUTURE. All the glamor, twice the calories, zero the regrets (?). Get on this trend before Erin is booked out 10 years in advance.

Does #weddingsinweirdplaces sound like you? Let's chat <3


photo :: Haley Hoover Photography

dress :: Janay Marie Designs

headpiece :: Ivory & Blush

floral :: The Magnolia Flower Co.

hair :: Jordyn Baker

makeup :: Cosmetics by Kenzie

desserts :: Dolcebella by Erin

Venue :: Capital City Antique Mall


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