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A Bright and Lovely Wedding: Derek + McKenzie

The Lil Beans are hitched! I loved working with these two entirely, from our coffee shop meeting up until they drove away - such a harmonious and sweet couple, you can't help but be super stoked on everything while around them. I loved their quaint decorations, and the minimalistic approach made my heart sing!

They had a lovely little quaint reception outside (outside! yes!!) complete with simple yet thoughtful decorations, and a whole group of people just as awesome as them.

I even spotted one of my favorite past couples!

I have a soft spot for naked cakes, and theirs totally fit the motif of their day. Looked delicious, too!

This was the most hysterical boquet toss I've witnessed. She totally faked them out and they all fell for it. pahaha.

Doesn't get much better than these lil beans.


Derek + McKenzie Winkel

Dress: Dillards

Photography: Haley Hoover Photography

The rest was DIY by bride and her family!


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