Utah Mountain Elopement: J+B

Two of my very best friends eloped, and were kind enough to include me as one of their 5 guests and asked me to document their precious ceremony. The ceremony was held about 1 mile up the Bell Canyon Trail in Sandy, UT in a small clearing. They opted to partake in a handfasting ceremony, and it was definitely one of the most special things I've ever witnessed. I hope you enjoy the images from their day as much as I did taking them.

B's sister, as well as brother in law and brother, sang a darling ukulele rendition of one of the couple's favorite songs as part of the ceremony

B and I crafted her flowercrown from freshflowers right before hiking up to the ceremony location! Not bad for your average crafter, right?

These two planted 20+ varieties of sunflowers in their backyard garden as a farwell crop before they moved to the PNW to start living off the grid, and it was really important to them to incorporate their garden into their elopement. I'll never get enough of their love for eachother and nature.

To two of the greatest people I've ever met - thank you for letting me be apart of this with you.

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