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Utah Intimate Wedding Photographer

Hi - my name is Haley. I'm a 20-something, cat loving, dr. pepper aficionado living in the beehive state obsessed with all things adventurous and romantic.


I am a non-conformist. I shoot elopements because I want to get to know the loves that are brave and seek weddings with personality, compelling emotion, and no frills. I crave mountain top ceremonies and unconventional celebrations. I want to see the coffee shop dates and sunday morning slow dances shine through hand-picked details of your day. I photograph promises + moments, not just weddings.


I support marriage equality and commend your choice to create a wedding that speaks to you and the love you're celebrating - however that may be.

Frequenty Asked Questions
What do you shoot?

Above all, I'm a photographer for lovers, and I primarily photograph elopements and intimate weddings. I am currently booking small ceremonies / elopements, engagements + bridals, and anniversary / at home sessions. Of course, all love is welcome.

How do I know we're the right fit for each other?

I make jokes and I can have fun with almost anyone, but we might be perfect for each other if you're looking for artful, intimate, and detail centered photographs of your wedding day. I won't bring a lot of gear or set up obtrusive lighting equpiment, and I won't pose your entire day away - I let the story unfold organically and capture it without interrupting whenever I can. You dig?

Will you travel for my wedding?

DEFINITELY. I spend most of my free time between weddings traveling, and would love to combine my two favorite things for your wedding! I will drive, hike, camp, or fly anywhere your love takes me (please take me).

I don't know where to start. Can you help me plan my elopement?

YES. I can try to answer any questions you have about all things wedding, and I truly love every opportunity I get to help make dream elopements/intimate wedding a reality. Nothing is off limits, and I can have as much or as little involvement in the planning as you'd like. 

Do you offer packages? How much are they?

I currently do not offer package pricing in efforts to give every individual couple a totally custom quote that tailors to their exact budget, needs, and style. I do this because I love it, not to get rich, so don't be hesitate to reach out!

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